Sunday, June 19, 2011

We're Two and One!

Hi! Emerson here. Long time, no posts! Last week, June 11, I turned TWO! And Little Nicky turned ONE!

Mommie decided that we should have the same birthday so we could celebrate together. We don't know Nicky's REAL birthday.

Mommie finds that I am hard to photograph because I am so active! I think that I look pretty cute here with my big round eyes.

Mommie could not decide which of these photos she likes best. She likes this one because it shows my tail,

but she likes this one because it shows my eyes.

One of our birthday presents was this mouse track. It's great fun, and we both enjoy it.

We LOVE reusuable shopping bags! I like to hide in them and let Little Nicky pounce on me. Our favorite time to play together is just after breakfast.

Here I am watching the deck. Sometimes neighbor cats come to visit and drive me crazy, but mostly it's the squirrels and little birdies that taunt me and Little Nicky. Lately Mommie has had the screen door open, and Little Nicky will climb it to hunt bugs and moths. She gets in trouble for that, but Mommie does admire her athleticism. I'm too dignified for such antics.

Who, me?

Oh, yeah, this! Somehow Mommie thinks that this is BAD! I'll always be a kitten!

Though my leg is long healed, I still have my crate. We both love it because it is complete with bed, rug, litter box, and scratching post, and is in the TV room.

See how much we love each other.

It's great to have a pal.

~Mr. RW Emerson and Little Nicky

P.S. Little Nicky is named after the nice lady out in the country who rescued her!