Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas-Toys for Tots

Hi Everyone! A couple of weeks ago, my mommie brought home a new friend for me.

She was in this awful PTU. It had only ONE hole in it for her to breathe. I stuck my paw in to pet her.

She meowed, moved her head, and washed her face, but she didn't seem to appreciate my efforts to free her.

I'm sorry, Miss Lulu; I cannot get you out! It's just as well because I like being a spoiled only kitty in this house.

Mommie , maybe you can donate this kitty to the Toys for Tots Campaign and make some little kid very happy. (Mommie took my advice!)
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Adventures

Hi! I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I have to tell you about my Thanksgiving trip to North Carolina to stay with Mommie's sisters' family.

The house has a cool railing on the second floor and I found it intriguing. My friends Skeezix and Daisy the Curly Cat like high railings.
I just had to walk along that narrow edge. It was slippery and I didn't know how to get back through the bars onto the carpet. Luckily Mommie was nervously watching me from below. I hate to admit this, but I slipped and fell . . . right into Mommie's outstretched arms. Whew! She saved my life!

This is one of my cousins--Freckles the Bengal cat. She likes to survey the world from this post.

And this is my cousin Sugar Magnolia. She liked to hiss at Mommie. I got along better with the dogs in the house.

Don't worry, Mommie. I love you. And thanks for catching me.