Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet Little Nicky

Hi! I'm known as Little Nicky, and my big brother Emerson said that I could use his blog to tell my story. Well, here goes.

I blocked out most all my bad memories, but one of the first things I remember was the nice lady who saw me trying to eat bird seed under her bird feeders. She lives way out in the country. She has three kitties of her own, and they were not very friendly to me through the glass. The nice lady knew I was hungry, and she was worried about me. She fed me and tried to make a comfy spot for me on her covered porch. I was ever so grateful and purred and purred. But it was winter and the weather was becoming MUCH colder in a couple of days. I wanted to be inside! A friend of the nice lady came to visit. She liked me, but she already had two kitties and a doggie at home. Guess what she did? She took a photo of me with her phone and sent it to my mommie with the caption, "Cute little kitty needs a home." You see, BOTH of the nice ladies are friends with my mommie.
What could mommie say when she saw my cute little face?
Of course, it was yes, but she made it conditional. She didn't want a "feral" cat, and she said that she was worried about Mr. Emerson and his feelings about having a little sister. She also wanted to make sure that I was 100% healthy because she didn't want to expose Mr. E to anything harmful to him. (Though he appears to be a tough guy, he has a heart condition and takes daily medication.) Mommie's friend took me to her veterinarian friend and had me tested and checked out. I had ear mites, but no fleas. I also had a bunch of tests.
Mommie came to visit me at the vet's office and learned that I was a sweet, loving little girl. She didn't take me home yet because she decided that I should have an operation to remove my lady parts. The doctor said that I appeared to be between 9 and 12 months old, though I am small.
I had my operation, and Mommie was supposed to come pick me up after work one day. Unfortunately, snow fell that day, and it took Mommie four and a half hours to drive home from work that night. I had to spend another night in a cage. Sigh. But Mommie took the next day off from work and brought me home. Yay!
At first I had to stay in the library, a room in the house with lots of books. My FIP test results still weren't back yet, and I needed to rest after my operation anyway. I did catch a glimpse of this beautiful big fluffy ginger kitty, but I could not meet him yet.
My test results came back and I was A-OK! I got to meet Mr. Emerson, and after just a little bit of hissing, he sniffed me up and down. He seemed to accept me from the start.
I loved him instantly and was thrilled to have a big brother. He shared all of his wonderful toys with me. I love to play with EVERYTHING! Red dot game, track ball, feather wand, crinkle balls, ball with bell, catnip banana, toy mice, just everything! And I LOVE to wrestle with Emerson.
Life is great here. Can you guess how I got my name? It has a special significance.
I'm so glad that I'm well loved!
~Little Nicky